fillers in the cheeks adelaide

Professional cheek dermal fillers in Eastwood are the answer to a sagging facial appearance. As we age, facial bone loss happens. The size and shape of our faces change. Deep tissues become less elastic as collagen decreases and is lost through ageing. This causes the face to droop, and the appearance of marionette lines, jowls, and nasolabial lines manifests. Good thing Perfect Brows & Cosmetics offers cheek fillers as a treatment to arrest this ageing process. We use high-quality hyaluronic fillers to contour the mid face or add volume that might have been lost with aging, to beautify the overall facial appearance. These fillers are firmer and can last 18 months to 2 years.

Having the treatment restores the volume on your cheeks, altering the reflection of light to give that glow of a younger-looking skin. With high-quality cheek dermal fillers in Adelaide, we can contour and shape your cheekbones to create that glamourous fashion model look. All this is done by the expert hand of our vastly experienced registered nurse of 16 years. Let Perfect Brows & Cosmetics do the honour of providing you the anti-ageing benefit of having fillers in the cheeks in Eastwood, where the volume and structure of your mid-face are maintained, slowing down the natural process of ageing.

The Treatment

Cheek filler treatments are non-surgical but can cause a little discomfort during the procedure. Before the treatment, your skin will be cleaned thoroughly, and lotion, cream, or cold packs will be applied to the area. Note that some fillers already include a numbing agent. Small amounts of the filler will be then injected beneath your skin, some may be in some areas of the cheek. You may feel a small sting but usually, the procedure does not cause pain. The whole procedure lasts around 15 to 30 minutes.

The Effects

The effects of the cheek fillers usually takes time as the injected hyaluronic acid dissolves into the body. That said, immediately after the procedure you may notice some swelling, bruising, or redness around the area treated. These side effects usually last a day or two. It’s advisable to stay away from the sun, saunas, or simply avoid sun exposure for a week after the treatment. Because the treatment is non-surgical, some people resume their regular activities after the procedure.


Just to put your mind at ease, our cheek fillers in Eastwood are like any other procedure that carries some risks and side effects like headache, a little bit of pain or numbness, bruising, and the like. Before the treatment, you will be assessed for suitability; you will be asked about your medical history, what allergies you have, medications you’re taking, and the like. All these information will be kept confidential. If found unfit, we reserve the right to refuse service. If found suitable, the treatment will push through. Aftercare procedures will be discussed thoroughly along with other practical tips you need to follow. You must be over 18 to avail of any cosmetic injectables and a script fee of $25 is applied to any new clients.