Ombré and powder brows

Need the best services for ombre brows in Adelaide? Women can’t get over ombré and powder brows from Perfect Brows & Cosmetics. This style is performed with machine shading to create ombré effect where the eyebrows are softer and lighter at the fronts and darker towards the middle and ends. Results last about 2-3 years, perfect for those looking for defined eyebrows, make-up look, with oily skin, and if you are looking for low maintenance long long-lasting ombre brows in Adelaide.

This service is expertly carried out by our resident cosmetic nurse who’s also a registered nurse since 2006, in collaboration with our vastly experienced cosmetic doctors. That means you get beautifully crafted brows safely, without worrying about any mistakes that you read online about botched brow work. With additional training on cosmetic injecting, plus professional collaboration with our cosmetic doctors, our professional team provides expertise and creativity that works beautifully.

The Treatment

For ombré, the treatment begins by applying a topical anaesthetic to the brow area. Then, our professional cosmetic nurse begins implanting the pigment based on the brow shape first agreed upon prior to the treatment. The procedure lasts around an hour or two. Basically, powder brows have the same process. But this time, a dotting technique is applied underneath the brow hairs to create a shadowy effect to give that powdery look you are trying to achieve.

The Effects

Right after the treatment, your brows will appear darker. There will be redness too. At this time, there’s tenderness to the brows. Do not touch them. Use blotting paper to keep your brows dry. When your brows begin to develop scabs, do not pick them or scratch them. Let them fall off on their own. Never touch them. Before the second week, your brows will look light; lightness varies per individual. By the second week, you can already return to your normal skincare practice. As the weeks progress, the colour of your brows will continue to deepen until they achieve the desired colour. By that time, your brows are also fully healed. Note that some customers may need a touch-up session for any adjustments needed.


Just to put your mind at ease, our ombré and powder brows are like any other procedure that carries some risks. Before the treatment, you will be assessed for suitability. If found unfit, we reserve the right to refuse service. If found suitable, the treatment will push through. Aftercare procedures will be discussed thoroughly along with other practical tips you need to follow. You must be over 18 to avail of any cosmetic injectables.