Combination Brows

Perfect Brows and Cosmetics offers professional combo brows in Adelaide. Just as the name suggests, combination brows are a combination of two of the most popular semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo techniques: microblading and microshading. With microblading, small incisions are made along the brows where the pigment is deposited to mimic the appearance of brow hairs. With microshading, instead of incisions, pin-like dots are placed using a handheld tool to “microshade” the brow area. This technique however does not give the illusion of individual hairs like microblading does but the appearance of wearing a bit of eyebrow makeup.

What’s great about the combination brows that Perfect Brows & Cosmetics does is that it works well for all skin types. For those with patchy brows, the technique yields full-bodied brows. For those who have very sparse brows, the technique can give the brow a full appearance, with the hair strokes keeping it natural-looking. The basic idea for combination brows is that it imitates the look of eyebrow makeup, without the pencil or powder. So you can do away with those once you’ve chosen to have combo brows in Adelaide done by Perfect Brows & Cosmetics.

The Treatment

We measure the eyebrows, outlining the shape desired. We then fill in the eyebrows by microblading them and then adding machine-shading in between the stokes or to the end of the eyebrow. Shading of the brows needs to be very, very light to create that soft, blurry look. The “brows” need to look airy and light. Your brows will appear extra bold after the appointment but the colour will eventually soften within two weeks. Combination brows last longer, around 2 to 3 years. While this treatment is suitable for all skin types, this is perfect for those with oilier skin, with sparse or few natural eyebrow hairs, or with previous tattoos.

The Effects

The healing process for combination brows usually lasts up to 6 weeks. The good news is that your eyebrows will look good much earlier. A few days (between Day 1 to 3) after the treatment, your brows will look too dark. Around the third day, the colour will lighten to around 50%. Between Day 3 and 7, scabs will form, covering your brows. Do not touch them or peel them away. Let them fall off naturally. Between Day 7 to 12, the scab will start drying up and will peel off by themselves. Peeling may go through 2 cycles so do not pick at the scabs. Days 12 to 14 is the ghosting stage where the eyebrows will appear very light. Do not worry as this is the stage where the pigment will reappear. By the second week, your eyebrows will achieve their intended, final shape.


Just to put your mind at ease, our combination brows is like any other procedure that carries some risks. Before the treatment, you will be assessed for suitability. If found unfit, we reserve the right to refuse service. If found suitable, the treatment will push through. Aftercare procedures will be discussed thoroughly along with other practical tips you need to follow. You must be over 18 to avail of any cosmetic injectables.