microblading eyebrow tattoo adelaide

For masterfully crafted brows, Perfect Brows & Cosmetics does awesome microblading eyebrow tattoo in Adelaide. This high-quality service is performed by our resident registered nurse. We’re just saying that you’re really in good hands having someone with medical expertise and artistry to work on your brows. You’ll get a semblance of fuller eyebrows that’s totally terrific with this semi-permanent treatment. It’s no wonder we get a lot of love from our customers leaving positive feedback for our work. That’s more than the vetting you’ll ever need aside from the stellar results from us!

In case you’re wondering what microblading eyebrows in Adelaide is all about, it’s a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that uses a blade shaped like a pen to create fine, realistic hair strokes. The process is delivered delicately, using needles that do not penetrate the skin but just scratch the surface. You will need the expertise of a professional to perform microblading to ensure that you won’t suffer from eyebrow mistakes. That said, microblading is done based on the type of your skin rather than on how much hair you have on your brows. While the procedure can still be done for those with sparse brow hair, it would be best to have a consultation with our resident cosmetic nurse.

The Treatment

We measure the eyebrows, outlining the shape desired. We then fill in the eyebrow areas using a handheld blade, creating hair-like strokes (which is called feathering). The blade implants the pigment on the skin’s epidermis. The whole process creates natural-looking eyebrows that look realistic. Results will fade gradually over time but will last about 12 months depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Annual touch-ups are recommended to maintain the look.

The Effects

Right after the treatment, your brows will appear bold. There will be redness as well. The redness varies per individual. At this point, the brows may feel tender and uneven. Do not touch them. Use a wet paper towel or fragrance-free baby wipes to wash AROUND the brows. A blotting paper may be used to keep your brows dry. By Day 3, your brows will develop scabs. By Day 4, the scabbing may become itchy. On Day 7, the scabs will start to fall off. Throughout the scabbing, never touch them. Do not pick them or scratch them as they may cause patching or scarring. Around Day 12, the brows will look light, with varying degrees of lightness per individual. On Day 14, the brows are now safe from water. You may resume your normal skincare routine. Every week for six weeks, the colour will continue to deepen, making your brows get darker. By Day 40, the colour of your brows is complete, and the redness is gone. The brows are fully healed. Note that some customers may need a touch-up session for any adjustments needed.


Just to put your mind at ease, our microblading is like any other procedure that carries some risks. Before the treatment, you will be assessed for suitability. If found unfit, we reserve the right to refuse service. If found suitable, the treatment will push through. Aftercare procedures will be discussed thoroughly along with other practical tips you need to follow. You must be over 18 to avail of any cosmetic injectables.